Feb 24, 2015

Tis that time of year - Tax Season

Tis that time of year - Tax Season

Why, you ask, a travel gadget blog would be featuring a post about taxes. As they say there are only a couple of things certain in life: death and taxes. But also I would like our readers to stay informed and that includes some things to watch out for as well as some great uses for that refund:

Top Tax Scams to Watch Out for in 2015

5 Surefire Ways To Get Organized for Tax Season

How to Write Off Travel and Entertainment Expenses

Business Travel Expenses via IRS

Wake Up Someplace Special with Bed & Breakfast Gift Certificates

On April 15, Whole Foods grocery stores will not be charging customers sales tax on purchases made on Tax Day. This could add up to some nice savings for their consumers

Spafinder - get a gift certificates to a day spa for a stress-reducing massage after your tax filing is complete.

On Tax Day, Hard Rock Cafe is cutting Americans a break across the country by asking them to Sing your Favorite Song! from free entree on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.
Save 10.4% (it's advertised as 10.40%) on all orders at this T-shirt and apparel web site using code TAXDAYZAZZLE at checkout. Offer only good on April 15

**These offers are subject to change or expiration. Please review each vendor site for more details

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Feb 18, 2015

Charge Your Gadget Before You Travel, Or Else

Or Else you might not get it back

Travel Tip: When traveling and flying overseas, make sure all of your electronic gadgets you are carrying are fully charged

You may be asked to turn on any electrical or battery powered devices in front of the airport security and/or demonstrate the item's functionality. TSA now has the authority to demand that passengers flying to the US from overseas airports to power on their device for further checking. Gadgets which fail to turn on will not be allowed on-board the aircraft. So it is highly advised that you bring your charging cables with you.

Many airports around the world have already been implementing the new security procedure

Worst yet, such gadgets will be confiscated and it is unknown, and there is currently not enough information available, if such gadgets will be returned to the owner when the person reaches the destination. Best not to take a chance, charge your gadgets before you leave and while waiting to board the plane.

Travel Tip #2: Put your gadget in airplane mode, if available. It will charge up a lot faster

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Jan 26, 2015

Travel Gadgets that Pull Double Duty by Charging Your Gadgets

Travel Items that Pull Double by Charging Your Gadgets

Bluesmart: World's First Smart, Connected Carry-On

Hand Crank Radio

Ambient Weather Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Alert Radio, Flashlight, Smart Phone Charger


Warms you up while camping in the woods and will also keep your phones charged so you can call out for pizza. This thermoelectric device turns heat to electricity and powers most USB-chargeable devices including smartphones. And can boil 1 liter of water in as little as 4 min. 30 sec.

Bags That Charge Your Devices While You Travel


A smart bag that can charge up to 3 USB devices simultaneously


Powerbag Messenger Bag with Battery for Charging Smartphones

Mighty Purse

Mighty Purse "Premium" - The Purse That Charges Your Phone

USB-Charging Umbrella

An umbrella that includes four panels on top that captures solar power from any direction. The panels are woven into the umbrella’s canopy and convert solar power into electricity. You can, in turn, use it to charge your devices via USB ports at the base of the umbrella. And just in case the weather gets cloudy and there is not enough juice from solar power, this umbrella even features a 3.7-volt/1000mA battery that acts as a backup, providing continuous power for your devices.

Charging Jacket

Several manufacturers have developed jackets that not only protect you from elements, but also provide juice for your gadgets. One example is a winter jacket, from Mountain Hardwear, with a heating element that will keep you toasty while it charges your gadgets.

Charger bracelets

Another wearable device is a stylish bracelet that charges your phone. The simple band bracelet turns into chargeable cable by unsnapping the ends. It has a USB at the end that can be connected to your phone to charge.


XOO belt

These will keep your pants up and your gadgets charged up. A newest addition to wearables, this one is a combination of a classic belt and a portable USB charger. The belt comes with a  2,100mAh charge capacity, which means it can charge quite a few different type of mobile devices

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