May 25, 2015

Ideal Travelling Companion Even for Napoleon

Ideal Travelling Companion Even for Napoleon

Napoleon took books with him everywhere he traveled. They were compactly packed within the wooden case that looked like a large book itself. One such case contained around 50 books. It was one of first portable and travel sized library. Or as we know it these days, a Kindle.

Readers these days can travel with a library of thousands of books uploaded into their digital library on a Kindle.

Why good to have on a trip:
- Kindle can give you weeks of reading time on a single charge
- lighter than most paperback books
- Can hold thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers
- Borrow from your public library for free

Did You Know?:
Napoleon was a very well-read man
He read books on diverse subject and discipline
He liked to read narrative history, tragic drama, and some comic poetry
Since he had to be on the road frequently during war years, his books traveled with him

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May 18, 2015

10 Gadgets for Paranoid Travelers

10 Gadgets for Paranoid Travelers

Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

Take just about any toothbrush and easily clean it of bacteria before and during the trip 

Scarf with carbon filter

With this travel accessory you can look stylish while avoiding smelly or contaminated air around you. Works similar to medical mask, though looks a lot better.

Travel Air Purifier

On a plane, bus, or any other public transportation this gadget would attempt to clean the area within your immediate vicinity so that you breathe in better air.

Travel Foot Covers

Is there any grosser feeling than when you take your shoes off in the airport security line and you have no socks on or very thin ones? These covers are TSA approved at checkpoints. And also great to use in hotel rooms, bathrooms, and airplanes.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

When traveling abroad it is advisable to not drink water directly from the faucet. Your immune system might not be agreeable with the type of stuff in local water supply. Or there just might not be clean water available. This is where this travel gadget becomes essential.

Travel Door Alaram

Hang this device on your room's door for extra protection. It has a motion sensor that activates an alarm if disturbed. So even if the door lock was opened, there would be another layer of security for you.

Yellow Jacket iPhone Case

When pepper spray is just not enough, 650-Volt Stun Gun should do it. There is the Pepper Spray iPhone Case, and now there is a case for your phone that comes with a charge, the Yellow Jacket. This new iPhone case protects your phone and is also able to charge it. It is a great multi-tool when traveling as it will keep the phone and you safe. Yellow Jacket iPhone 4 Stun Gun Case

Flashback Photobomber Hoodie
This hoodie reflects the light from a camera in the picture so that only the fabric shows up and your features are in the shadow. It is coated with glass nanospheres energized by camera flashes. Great way to hide from paparazzi either professional or smartphone ones.
There is also a Scarf with the same technology

Ultra Paranoid

SecureDrive Self-Destructing SSD
For $1500, this SSD will self-destruct. You can use global GSM functionality to physical fragmentation & crypto sanitization of your SSD drive

InvisibleShield Privacy Screen Film

This screen provides abrasion and scratch resistance. Though more importantly this plastic film will make the screen look blurry when viewed from an angle.

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May 11, 2015

Travel Adventures With Philanthropist Mindset (Travel & Gadget Giveaway)

Travel Stories Book and Tugo Cup Holder Giveaway

Erin Michelson traveled to countries that tourist would not go to, some travelers might. Traveling through some of the lesser known parts of South America, Africa, and Middle East, Erin describes living, economic, social and other conditions in these areas. And how there are folks in each part of this world doing a small part to help their local communities by building communities, empowering groups, and providing education.
While she is on a mission to contribute a bit to the underlying issues, the book overall opens and places in front of you civilizations that could possibly benefit from some assistance from developing countries to improve some of the standards of living. Moreover, most of the organizations visited and promoted within the stores is related to women empowerment, which is a very strong point for the author.
The starting premise of the book is how unprepared Erin was when she started out on her journeys. She went into it head first without much back up nor essential travel gadgets. As she states here:
"I would become a world nomad. I would travel the world for two years and explore to my heart's content. ... Living life in the now"
Though I suspect she might have had some type of computer and definitely a smartphone with her. She mentions communicating with family back home via phone and e-mail and getting Internet access cards at some of the locations.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The other prize in this bundle is the Tugo Cup Holder. It keeps your drink upright while suspended between the handles of your rolling bag. This way your hands are free to get to your wallet, documents, and boarding pass. Tugo collapses to make it compact and fit in any pocket of your carry-on luggage for easy transport.

To get your own now go here:

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